Monday, August 27, 2007

Things go on

Well, I missed a day already, but hey, we can't remember everything.

Yesterday and today were devoted to some more canning. Every year I get the itch to do it, but after a week or ten days, you start to wonder why? I know, because it's in the blood. I watched my mother do it, her mother do it, my dad's mom, her mom and my great grandmother do it. It can't be helped. Seeing how I only have boys, maybe I stopped this vicious cycle!

So, I have peach pie filling and apple pie filling, pineapple chunks, hot dog relish, orange marmalade, peach marmalade, peach jam, what else? Hard to keep track. Every year I say I am going to write it down, but every year I get in the groove and forget! Next year I will definitely write it down.

The men folk around here are itching too, not for canning, but for hunting season. Today was the start of elk season, a family fav, and we are still in town. Rightfully we should be out in the bush, but we're waiting on the mail. My youngest is now 12, so as soon as he gets his harvester card, he can go out with the big boys. Oh, a harvester card is issued to metis people who can provide the Manitoba Metis Federation with a genealogy proving their ties to the Metis homeland. This gives them the right to hunt, fish and harvest with almost the same rights as status Indians, or First Nations. Very exciting for my little hunter!

Next week school begins here, that means there's very little time before I go back to work. We still have to go and get wood for the winter. Luckily, we are surrounded by bush and should be able to find lots of already dry wood. We're so far behind this year because we finally built a wood shed. That's right, no more trudging through waist deep snow and shovelling off the wood before you bring it in. I'm not young anymore, and my boys will eventually leave me and then I will have to haul it in myself full time, eww. The shed will make things so much easier for me.

Oh, very exciting, my boys were on Videojug, and found out that you can hook your iPod to your tv and watch the movies. This is great, there's movies on there that I would really like to see, but I just can't see myself sitting that long with earphones staring at that teeny little screen. Tonight I am planning on watching a movie with my knitting. It's mitt season already, and being boys we go through a lot.

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Kansas A said...

I got your recipe and posted a response at my blog but wanted to pop in here and thank you once again! I'm heading to town tomorrow so I'll pick up what I need and will make it as soon as hubby gets home with more corn :)
Ditto on the wood packing, I just hope hubby is working near home instead of in camp so he can pack the wood in all the snow this winter, I dread it! But I do love the wood heat compared to any other kind :)