Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Canning, again!

Thankfully things went much better today. I didn't have to run to town, nothing broke down, and every jar sealed! Yeah!

Today I did pears, nectarines and plums. I love the pears, they smell so good while you're washing, pealing, coring, slicing, cooking, and eating!!

I still haven't found my smoker cord, so............. maybe tomorrow I will have to go and purchase another one!! This time I am getting one that is front loading and has a digital temperature control. Because I have to have electric or propane, I have no real control over the temp. With the digital I can just set it and not have to worry about it. I have only two more days to decide what's happening before my sausage is ready to go in. I love homemade sausage, and it's a great way to clean out the freezer before the menfolk go hunting.

Speaking of hunting, it has officially been decided that this weekend will be geese. Everyone is worried about freezer room, because you know they are all great hunters, lol. I'm only asking for 6 this year. They take up a lot of room, and you really have to watch them while they cook, and because I have to work, I don't enjoy cooking them on a weekday.

The big plan for tomorrow is baking. I now only have six days left before I return to work, so I have to have bread, desserts and snacks all in the freezer for the next month. For the bread I think I'll do flax. I have a wonderful recipe for 20 loaves at a time. I admit I make the loaves smaller than usual, but that's because my people sometimes are just so busy they don't have time to close the bread bag so that it stays fresh. I am also going to do cinnamon buns, zucchini loaves and banana chips. Oh, I almost forgot, I have to fit my three fruit marmalade in there somewhere, and my jerky I have marinading in the fridge, sigh, so much for a slow day. I usually like to bake because I have time in between, you know rising and baking, but maybe not now...........oh well, there's always the day after tomorrow, lol.

If I do have spare time, I am definitely going to study up on how to load up pictures.


Kansas A said...

Oh my! You are one busy woman!! And you work outside the home too! I might get there when my youngest hits school but I had to laugh when my daughter asked me what I plan to do all day when both her and her brother are in school... I told her "nothing." LOL :) Hey you know what it's like raising boys! Some days I tell myself if he would have been my first... he would have been my last! LOL

Kansas A said...

It's been awhile since you've posted and I'm just wondering how you're doing? I've tagged you on my blog and thought you might like to check it out (I don't do these often so please forgive me!)
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